Colossal squid out of the freezer

3.30 pm: the squid is now sitting in the thawing tank while we remove the tarpaulin and ropes around it. It will now be left overnight to thaw slowly. To keep the temperature even we will place the lid on the tank overnight, so there will not be a lot to see until tomorrow morning.

Two overhead hoists were used to lower the 490 kg block into the saline solution.

Once the specimen was lowered into the tank the strops were carefully removed and the thawing process begun.


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  1. Mark from Te Papa

    I’m the bald guy on the Squid Cam – just out of the tank for a bit!

    Thanks for you comments. It’s a real balancing act when you want to protect sea life but also want to find out about it. It is sad that the squid died but it’s up to us to use the opportunity to find out more about these amazing creatures.

    We’re hoping to get enough knowledge to really learn how many there are of the colossal squid. And what the real affect of more fishing in the Ross Sea will be.

    Thanks for watching.

  2. Jim

    Just an old man still fascinated by all he does not know…………
    Thanks for making this site available. It is hard to believe that I am on the coast of New Jersey viewing activity that is eminating from the other side of this small world because of the marvelous mind of mankind. A small bit of faith in and hope for our species has been regenerated. Would that we were able to truly communicate with members of our own and other species.

  3. sarah

    We really hope that the examination and audio will be saved and made available as a webcast on the site as we will unfortunately be fast asleep at 3am!!

  4. steve

    Is there an issue with the timings of these posts? I typed that message 15.55pm (U.k time) 🙂

  5. steve

    Totally agree Olivia, legislation should be put in place to protect all marine animals. However, it is only through the unfortunate capture of the Colossal Squid that scientists can learn more about this rare species. Education is the key here especially as until this article was published, I thought the largest thing in the ocean were sperm whales!! 🙂

  6. Olivia

    Surely this is a sad event and we should be reviewing the fishing practice that killed this squid so that no other unique and rare ocean creatures get killed again? This squid not only died on a fishing hook (rather than of natural causes) but also died slowly and painfully.

  7. Ilaria

    I am DYING to see the colossal squid. i cant wait to find out its gender and age. Can anyone come to the lecture series? If so, do i need to book?

  8. Eljay

    Now this experience will be much more educational,as we can now hear what is going on. Thanks so much for the audio.

  9. AS

    Thank you for the audio

  10. Blog

    I can’t wait to see the squid!


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