Bringing the colossal squid back to life…

Despite what you may have heard on the radio as you drove to work today, we don’t expect the defrosted colossal squid to spring back to life and start eating people.  But we do plan to bring it back to life in a different way – using computer modeling. Among those present at Te Papa when the big squid thaws out will be Peter Batson, who is producing reference material for his brother, digital artist and filmmaker, David Batson. Their company DeepOcean Quest Productions (www.ExploreTheAbyss.Com) specializes in deep-sea graphics and is working to create a fully accurate computer model of the largest squid in recorded history, inside and out. The pair are keen to improve on the level of detail and accuracy of their last attempt, produced soon after the first colossal squid specimen was found in 2003 (pictured). 

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