Audio on SquidCam

Thanks for all the comments about audio. Sorry we didn’t have it straight away.

In response to all the comments we have arranged for audio in the examination room. It won’t be on 24/7 but we will try to make sure it’s there to help you keep track of what’s going on.

Note we’ve switched it off for the night to give the scientists a bit of privacy.

But we will have it up again in the morning. We’ll be experimenting with our feeds so please let us know what works for you!

This is a unique event for us, so please bear with us as we sort out technical details. We really appreciate your feedback.

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  1. chrispaulin

    It doesn’t smell too bad surprisingly. Because the specimens have been frozen they don’t smell like rotten squid! That would be terrible and people would have face masks on!

    It smells a bit like a clean fish shop – only about that strong

  2. Berry

    I was wondering whether you guys could add smell to the video as well….This thing must stink like hell..

  3. Jorge

    Maravilhoso, o trabalho!!!!
    Me preocupa saber que no futuro podemos ter outros animais considerados raros como o bacalhau e o atum que estão desaparecendo nos dias de hoje e aí meus netos verão on line cientistas estudando-os e redescobrindo -os.
    Independente das minhas queixas achei muito bom a iniciativa.
    Obrigado pela oportunidade.
    Jorge Paes Leme – Brasil

  4. Yancey Lawrence

    A friend of mine told me this had just been found, I just had to check it out. I’m a bio undergrad at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon, and I brought this to my evolution class because its that interesting. I wish I could be there for the dissection, this thing is INCREDIBLE. Congratulations on the find, hopefully you guys can start shedding some light on these mysterious things.

  5. Eljay

    There is a message at the top of this page about the audio. It is apparently switched off at night and is meant to be back on this morning.Fingers crossed! The audio makes it a 100% better and more educational experience for all online here in my opinion.

    Also thanks to Te Papa for organising the 4 cams on one page better.Now that they are two cams above and two below it makes it so much easier for people watching online here to see everything on all cams.

  6. tepapamuseum

    The sound will be coming back a bit later this morning. We have to put a different microphone than yesterday so it will take a bit of installation first.

  7. Gillian Boyd-Geenty

    This really is exciting to watch.


    In anticipation


  8. Robert

    Wow, sitting on the other side of the world having the possibility to watch you handling this unbelievable animal from ancient times…

    Thanks to Der Spiegel ( for linking to your side!

  9. Rhondda

    This has been really neat….it has sparked a little home project on giant squid for my pre-schooler! Thanks very much for a great idea.

  10. Ineke

    Thanks for “sharing” this with us!

  11. Denilson Brasil

    Muito interessante este trabalho…

  12. JMO

    Great site and thanks for keeping us posted.

  13. E Crosby

    I am thrilled! It was fantastic to watch and hear you taking the squid out of the freezer and get it safely into the tank. Thanks for making both the interesting and the dull parts of squid-science available to the world. E, in Idaho USA

  14. bob wear

    Paint dries more rapidly!

  15. Matthew

    How long do you estimate the thawing process will take?


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