Thawing squid

The good thing about having a plan is that it can be changed! This morning we removed the colossal squid from the freezer and took it out of its plastic container bin. We discovered that the specimen filled the entire bin, and therefore there is very little ice surrounding it. Consequently the specimen would thaw well before Wednesday when all the scientists will be here, so we have placed it back in the freezer and will remove it tomorrow, allowing 48 hours for the thaw.

We added 300 kg of salt to the tank to bring the salinity level to about that of seawater.

This morning we have been assessing how to thaw the squid specimens in order, so that the scientists can examine them during the week. Later today we will remove a 200kg giant squid from the freezer and thaw it for examination Tuesday morning. Tomorrow afternoon we have a small, damaged colossal squid specimen which will thaw overnight for examination on Tuesday afternoon.

Meanwhile we have a few bags of party ice happily enjoying the tank!

Sunday 3pm : giant squid removal from freezer

Monday morning: small colossal squid removal from freezer. Monday afternoon at 3pm: large colossal squid removal from freezer.

Tuesday morning: examination of giant squid specimen. Afternoon: examination of small colossal specimen.

Wednesday 10 am – 2 pm: examination of large colossal specimen; 2 pm fixation of specimens in formalin

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  1. Dakota

    Hummm … How long can the parts that have thawed out remain off ice? Is there a time limit on when the presevation process has to be completed? Also, how cold is the water Mark’s in?

    Thanks for your patience.

  2. Ahmed Syed

    Hey guys good luck with the thawing 🙂 im following closely from london

  3. Megan

    Loving the squid-thaw. National Radio hammed it up a bit this morning with the “lack of action” on the live thaw site…but I think this is way cooler than the “chedder-cam” that was noted on Morning Report last year :-). The collosal squid makes me think of those terrible creatures early exploring ships reported – very mysterious, unexpected and quite possibly scary! Who needs Loch Ness? SQUID is the ‘new black’.

  4. Helen

    As Moira’s Mum I have been instructed to watch as well! It is really amazing to see such clarity from half way across the world as I sit here in the western islands of Scotland. I can’t stay up till 3am but I promise to look in regulary. Good luck all and I look forward to sharing your amazing discoveries.

  5. Moira

    As a soon to be qualified marine biologist, im extremley excited about this, and due to the time difference I have to be up at 3am to watch the action, but ill be there……im just going to host a squid party we can all stay up late and enjoy the show

  6. Raywyn

    Im really pleased that I can watch this all on my comp,my partner is on the San Aspiring and was one of the lucky ones to be there when the squid was caught,he is currently away so its great that i can keep him up to date with whats happening.

  7. Lester

    This is so cool… a fisherman and also a fan of conservation& our Blue planet is cool to see we are doing research in these mysterous
    Creatures……Wow even cooler the fact it happening in Tory street
    3oo metre from my house in Tasman streeet…….

    lets uncover the mysteries of this creature and hope our efforts will promote more understanding of our Blue Planets treasures

    Cheers lester

  8. Andrea

    Seems the party ice is having a good time – LOL
    Good on you for sharing this with the world … I can’t believe that other post had so many complaints in the comments … constructive criticism is fine, but the whinging and whining about being bored and not seeing anything happen – that is just rude … at least you HAVE a webcam ( or 4 😉 … now if you had “Smellavision” – THEN they might have something to complain about.
    Pity I have to go back to work this week – I think (even with the time difference) most of the action will be happening while I am not home to watch it … sigh …


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