Whales Fab Fact 2

Whales Fab Fact 2: Whale Sounds

Blue whales make sounds below 20 hertz – so low that humans can’t hear them.

Ka whakaputa oro te tohorā kahurangi i raro i te 20 waeine iarere – e kore e taea aua oro te rongo e te tangata.

Blue whale cartoon by Anton van Helden

Hector’s dolphins hear and make sounds higher than 160,000 hertz – much higher than humans can hear.

Ka whakaputa, ka rongo hoki te tūpoupou i ngā oro he teitei ake i te 160,000 waeine iarere – he teitei ake i ngā oro ka taea e te tangata te rongo.

Hemi the Hector's dolphin
Hemi the Hector’s dolphin, as featured in the interactive “Dolphin Danger”, in Whales Tohorā

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