Fab facts about whales

The Whales Tohorā team came across some amazing info as we put together the Whales Tohorā exhibition. Things we never knew!

And we’re lucky that our marine mammal scientist Anton van Helden is a great cartoonist – and loves drawing whales!

So now we’d like to share some of this info with you – we’ll be posting regular ‘whales fab facts’ here, so check back often.

Humpback whale cartoon by Anton van Helden.

Whales Fab Fact 1

A humpback whale flipper is the longest ‘arm’ in the world. It can measure up to 5 metres (16 feet) – one third of the whale’s overall length.

Ko te pakihau o te paikea te ‘ringa roa rawa’ kei te ao nei. Tae atu ki te 5 mita pea tana roa – ko te hautoru tēnā o te roa katoa o te paikea.

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