Whale research in Tuvalu

Viliamo Iese lives on Tuvalu, and recently attended the South Pacific Whales Research Group Consortium meeting at Auckland University in February 2008.

Where exactly is Tuvalu? It’s a 2 hour flight north of Fiji. Tuvalu is made up of 6 atolls and 3 islands – and some are only 5 metres above sea level – but it has a very small land mass of only about 26 square kilometres – spread over a vast area of the Pacific.

This makes researching whales and dolphins in Tuvalu particularly challenging! But with help from New Zealand, the support of the Tuvalu government and the efforts of Vili, the Pacific Island nation of Tuvalu is all set to contribute to our understanding of whales in the South Pacific.

Listen to Viliamo Iese talking about whale research and cultural attitudes to whales in Tuvalu. (duration about 9 minutes)

Vili Iese and other whale researchers, SPWRC meeting Auckland Feb 08

Vili Iese (right) talks to other whale researchers at the SPWRC meeting, Auckland, Feb 2008

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