Michael Poole – whale researcher

Every year, a lively and enthusiastic group of scientists meets at the University of Auckland School of Biological Sciences to compare notes about whales.

The South Pacific Whales Research Consortium (SPWRC) first met in 1999 as a group of friends who wanted to share their whale research. The group has grown since then and now plays a vital role in coordinating and reporting on non-lethal whale research in the South Pacific.

Their work will help strengthen the New Zealand Government’s case to ban whaling in the Southern Ocean at the International Whaling Commission annual meeting in Chile in June 2008. Michael Poole is a founding member of SPWRC and has spent more than 20 years researching whales and dolphins in French Polynesia.

Listen to Michael Poole talking about his fascinating whale research on the island of Mo’orea,Tahiti (duration about 6 minutes).

Michael Poole interview on Te Papa Channel

Michael Poole and Anton van Helden

Michael Poole and Anton van Helden at the SPWRC meeting in Auckland, 6 February 2008.

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  1. pamelalovis

    Kia ora Astrid
    If you’d like to contact me through the Te Papa website I can give you Michael’s email. You will then be able to get in touch with him directly with your question.

    Kind regards
    Pamela Lovis


    Bonsoir Michael
    Je cherche à te joindre pour avoir des infos sur les baleines à bosse de Tahiti, je coach une classe de 6ème de Henri Hiro à FAAA,dans le domaine de la protection du milieu lagonaire et océanique, nous souhaiterions faire une exposition de photos et de textes au CDI du collège et peut être une intervention avec Power Point Serait tu intéressé?Cette classe est allée à la rencontre des baleines à Punaauia et voudrait prolonger l’expérience en la faisant partager à leurs camarades du Collège qui n’ont pas eu ce privilège.


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